Can’t Trust Gov't to Enforce Any Immig. Law Except Amnesty

Can’t Trust Gov't to Enforce Any Immig. Law Except Amnesty

You can’t trust the government to enforce any immigration law except amnesty.

On May 9 the Senate Judiciary Committee began the tedious job of working through hundreds of amendments to its comprehensive immigration reform bill, “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act” (S. 744). This process is expected to take weeks to complete.

Once again, both the Senate and House are working on “comprehensive immigration reform bills.” Once again key members of Congress from both parties are hoping that the American people will overlook the government’s lack of enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws for the last several decades. They hope we will forget that in 1986 Congress passed a historic amnesty law, the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), that granted amnesty (legalization of immigration status) to about three million illegal immigrants, and that we were promised that this would be a one-time amnesty, never to be repeated, and that the border would be secured.

We all know the result: Three million illegal immigrants got their amnesty, but the American people didn’t get their border security.

Not only has the government failed to secure the border, it has refused to enforce those immigration laws dealing with illegal immigrants once they get past the border. Furthermore, the Obama administration has gone even further by granting amnesty in effect to large numbers of illegal immigrants without congressional approval through a policy of “prosecutorial discretion.”

Why, you might ask, has the federal government under both Republican and Democrat presidents been so lax in enforcing immigration laws?

The John Birch Society has consistently answered this question by pointing out the long-range goals of our nation’s elites to merge the United States with Mexico and Canada into a North American Union on the way to eventual merger with other regional groups of nations to form a world government under the United Nations.

If we are correct that this is the operational plan being pursued by our federal government, then the lack of enforcement of our immigration laws is no longer puzzling. If a borderless regional, then world, government is the goal, then why secure the border now? Especially when allowing large-scale illegal immigration punctuated with amnesties will change the voting demographics in favor of completion of the regional and world government plans.

If you doubt that this regional government plan is being followed, you will probably be surprised that it was already being proposed as far back as Ronald Reagan. When he announced his candidacy for president on November 13, 1979, his proposal for a “North American Accord” was a prominent part of his remarks:

A developing closeness among Canada, Mexico and the United States — a North American accord — would permit achievement of that potential in each country beyond that which I believe any of them — strong as they are — could accomplish in the absence of such cooperation.... It may take the next 100 years but we can dare to dream that at some future date a map of the world might show the North American continent as one in which the peoples and commerce of its three strong countries flow more freely across their present borders than they do today.

A common thread running through Reagan’s “North American accord,” Clinton’s “North American Free Trade Agreement” (NAFTA), and George W. Bush’s “Security and Prosperity Partnership” is the vision of a “free flow” of people across the “present borders” of Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

All of which helps us to understand why we can’t trust the government to enforce any immigration law except amnesty and why we must tell our senators and representatives to vote no on any immigration bill with an amnesty provision in it.

For further information and to take action, go to our two action pages, “Choose Freedom — Stop Illegal Immigration and “Choose Freedom — Stop the North American Union."

Contact your senators and representative in strong opposition to any new immigration bill with an amnesty provision. Let them know that you have zero trust in the government’s intention to enforce immigration laws in the future based on their refusal to enforce immigration laws for the past few decades.

(This article was published as "You Can’t Trust the Government to Enforce Any Immigration Law Except Amnesty" by Larry Greenley in the June 2013 issue of the JBS Bulletin.)

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