Fight Back Against Airport Scanners and Gropers


Enough is enough! Support Ron Paul's "American Traveller Dignity Act of 2010" (H.R. 6416) to begin turning the tables on the TSA's highhanded and unconstitutional bodily inspection procedures.

 See below for a 5-minute video of Ron Paul's "Enough is enough!" speech in the House on November 17, during which he explains his bill and the need for the TSA to stop treating Americans like cattle.

Read "Ron Paul on TSA Abuse: 'Enough Is Enough'" at for further information.

Here's the full-text of Ron Paul's H.R. 6416:

To ensure that certain Federal employees cannot hide behind immunity.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the 'American Traveller Dignity Act of 2010'.


No law of the United States shall be construed to confer any immunity for a Federal employee or agency or any individual or entity that receives Federal funds, who subjects an individual to any physical contact (including contact with any clothing the individual is wearing), x-rays, or millimeter waves, or aids in the creation of or views a representation of any part of a individual's body covered by clothing as a condition for such individual to be in an airport or to fly in an aircraft. The preceding sentence shall apply even if the individual or the individual's parent, guardian, or any other individual gives consent.

This bill should help restore the constitutional rights of Americans to be protected from the invasions of privacy that have become routine in our airport inspections.

Enough is enough! Let's stop allowing ourselves to be treated like cattle!

If you support H.R. 6416, click here and let your representative and senators know immediately!

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