JBS National Visit Your State Legislator Day, Feb. 20

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JBS members and allies will warn state legislators about constitutional conventions on Feb. 20.

James F. Fitzgerald, JBS National Director of Field Activities, has designated Wednesday, February 20 as "National Visit Your State Legislator Day" in an article on page 4 of the February 2013 JBS Bulletin

JBS members can read about the details of this day in the print version of their February JBS Bulletin or by downloading a PDF of the Bulletin (member login required).

JBS members and their allies in all 50 states are asked to organize themselves for visiting their state legislators on February 20 between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The goal is to visit the office of every state legislator as well as the governor and attorney general on that day with the purpose of warning them about the dangers of a national constitutional convention (con-con) in general and the danger of the new Compact for America con-con initiative in particular.

Mr. Fitzgerald makes the following request in his article in the JBS Bulletin:

We are asking our volunteer leaders to begin organizing members and friends to meet at a predetermined location on that date [Feb. 20] and then systematically visit and speak with state representatives and senators, briefly explaining that the Constitution isn’t in need of changes, and pointing out that adherence to its provisions is what is needed — not tinkering that would also be ignored. Be especially sure to make our main point that there is no way for state legislators to guarantee a limited constitutional convention, and that any con-con would be very susceptible of becoming a runaway convention that could propose dangerous changes to our Constitution. A copy of “How the Compact For America Threatens the Constitution” should be left at each office with a request that it be read and its recommendations acted upon.

If your state legislature is not in session on February 20, then go to the local district office where you might find your elected official or his staff and leave a copy of the reprint there. It is important to remember that we are dealing with the single issue of a threatened con-con. Do not complicate matters by bringing up other topics such as nullification or Agenda 21. These issues can be dealt with during future visits.

Click here for contact information for your state legislators. Click here to order copies of the reprint of "How the Compact for America Threatens the Constitution" and here to download a PDF of the article.

Click here to get in contact with JBS staff and members for your area.

(Photo of the Oklahoma State Capitol via Shutterstock.)

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