http://www.jbs.org/images/stories/Jan_11/newcongressmen112r.001.jpg Everyone is wondering what kinds of legislation will be the focus of the 112th Congress. The shift of power from the Democrats to the Republicans in the House, with the tea parties still highly energized and engaged in the political process, is bound to have some effect. 
The current lame duck session of Congress is as busy, or busier, than anticipated. In fact, it looks exactly the same as a regular session with a routine daily schedule plus the added urgency and pressures of a somewhat desperate Democratic majority needing to get pet legislation passed before a new Congress is sworn in.  
This new article, "States Should Enforce, Not Revise, the Constitution!" by Larry Greenley, is useful for educating state legislators and other citizens about the need for nullifying unconstitutional federal laws and for stopping states from issuing new calls for a constitutional convention. 
Quite suddenly, Democrat leaders in the House of Representatives have set a vote for extending the Bush-era tax cuts for today.  There will likely be a series of votes in the House and Senate before this issue is resolved.
Salvaging the New START, the arms reduction treaty with Russia, is of such import to the Obama administration that they are pulling out all the stops in order to get it ratified.
Enough is enough! Support Ron Paul's "American Traveller Dignity Act of 2010" (H.R. 6416) to begin turning the tables on the TSA's highhanded and unconstitutional bodily inspection procedures.
The Senate voted to approve a cloture motion today, November 17, with a 74-25 vote, well above the 60 votes required to limit debate on S. 510. This sets a dangerous precedent and is a momentum builder for passing even more controversial legislation as the lame duck session continues. Clearly, many Republicans crossed the aisle for this very unconstitutional bill.  The Food Safety Act can now be brought to the floor any day now for a final vote by the Senate. Only a simple majority will be required for passage.
In this video interview with Bill Hahn of The John Birch Society, Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon warns state legislators about the new movement for a constitutional convention (Con-Con) that is sweeping the country and urges that state legislatures repeal any existing Con-Con calls that their state has passed.
Read "Oppose Any New State Calls for a Constitutional Convention" to learn more about the new drive to call a constitutional convention (Con-Con), why it's a bad idea, and what you can do to help stop any new Con-Con calls.
In this four-minute video JBS CEO Art Thompson raises some questions about the new drive for a constitutional convention (Con-Con) and recommends taking action to prevent a Con-Con by visiting The John Birch Society's new "Choose Freedom — STOP A Con-Con" campaign web page.
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