N.Y. Times: Libertarians Soft on Slavery, Confused About Civil War

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
N.Y. Times: Libertarians Soft on Slavery, Confused About Civil War

A New York Times article attempts to portray a band of the libertarian spectrum as soft on slavery and confused about the Civil War.

As part of the establishment media’s ongoing project of gerrymandering the liberty movement in advance of the 2016 presidential campaign, the New York Times has published an article purporting to expose some libertarians’ "embarrassing" interpretation of the Civil War.

“In fact, libertarians have spent years trying to deal with the sliver of their movement that is focused on re-litigating the Civil War. Yes, the Civil War, which officially ended 148 years ago,” declares the Times' Rachel Weiner.

As one slogs through Weiner’s repetitive and meandering article, the not-at-all-subtle subtext jumps off the page and slaps the reader. The between-the-lines battering ram: Libertarians are racists. Well, except for the establishment-approved libertarians.

Proof of the latent “neo-Confederate” racisms, according to Weiner, is the libertarian criticism of Abraham Lincoln. “And there are some ideological similarities that explain the gravitation of the anti-Abraham Lincoln crowd to the pro-liberty movement,” Weiner writes.

What could libertarians possibly have against the founder of modern centralization, a man who viewed the United States less as a union and more of a nation — an opinion, by the way, that would have resulted in immediate excommunication from the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

As libertarian and nullification expert Tom Woods wrote a recent blog post:

The precedents set by Lincoln during the war have been exploited ever since by left-liberals and neoconservatives, who are all too glad to respond, when you object to some enormity of the War on Terror, “Why, even Lincoln did these things!”

In every other country in our hemisphere in which slavery was abolished in the nineteenth century it was done peacefully, without 1.5 million people dead, wounded, or missing.

The Lincoln legacy involves glorifying wars of nationalism and demonizing efforts at secession, wherever they may be and whatever the circumstances. To this day, Americans are taught to sympathize with central governments trying to keep territories from breaking away, and to look with disgust at smaller units seeking self-government.

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