Nullify ObamaCare and Stop Con-Con Calls With This New Tool

By:  JBS Staff

This new article, "States Should Enforce, Not Revise, the Constitution!" by Larry Greenley, is useful for educating state legislators and other citizens about the need for nullifying unconstitutional federal laws and for stopping states from issuing new calls for a constitutional convention. 

The thesis of this article: "The states should rein in our out-of-control federal government by enforcing the Constitution through nullification of unconstitutional federal laws, rather than by revising the Constitution through an inherently risky constitutional convention process."

This article is now available as a free article to read online and as a free PDF (just as it appeared in the December 6, 2010 issue of The New American).

Further information about our action projects to stop ObamaCare and to stop any new calls for a constitutional convention is available at:

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