Repeal ObamaCare in 2013!

Repeal ObamaCare in 2013!

Today's Supreme Court decision upholding ObamaCare means November's elections will be a national referendum on repealing ObamaCare.

Today’s Supreme Court decision upholding the ObamaCare law has provided the perfect issue to activate the Tea Party movement, and this means that the November elections will be a national referendum on repealing ObamaCare.
We need to act now in preparation for repealing ObamaCare in 2013. One thing we can begin doing now is to urge our Representative and Senators to introduce and pass legislation yet in this session of Congress to repeal ObamaCare period, not replace it. In fact, House Republicans have already announced they'll vote again on repealing ObamaCare on July 11. However, we already know that the chances for a vote in the Senate this session are virtually nil.

The idea about pressuring our Representatives and Senators to vote on repealing ObamaCare yet this session is not to get ObamaCare repealed before the November elections, because we know that the Senate and President Obama would not permit that. Instead, the idea is to get as many Representatives and Senators as possible on record regarding the repeal of ObamaCare before the November elections and for them to feel the heat of constituent pressure for repeal, the better to use ObamaCare as an election issue.

Contact your Representative and Senators and urge them to vote for full repeal of ObamaCare now.
This will help set the stage for a national referendum on ObamaCare in the November elections for President and Congress.

The Rasmusssen poll for June 23-24, 2012 shows 54% of likely voters favor repeal of ObamaCare and 39% oppose repeal, so we have numbers on our side.
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