States Should Nullify the Entire ObamaCare Law



There’s a lot of confusion occurring over what’s being nullified by the “Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act” legislation that’s been introduced in over 30 states, and already enacted into law in Virginia, Idaho, Arizona, Georgia, Missouri, and Louisiana. This legislation has been based on model legislation developed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) back in December 2008, over a year before ObamaCare finally became law.

The confusion that has arisen is that the “Freedom of Choice” legislation is being referred to as nullification of ObamaCare, when strictly speaking it is only concerned with partial nullification of ObamaCare, because it would only nullify the Individual Mandate provision of ObamaCare which requires everyone to buy health insurance.

Here’s why this distinction is so important. As shown in the graphic of the ObamaCare Org Chart below, the portion of the ObamaCare law that provides for the Individual Mandate (shown under the magnifying glass) is just a tiny portion of the 150 new agencies and many other newly empowered agencies that have been created by the entire ObamaCare law. The Individual Mandate is just the tip of the ObamaCare iceberg. Delete or modify the Individual Mandate, and still the remaining portions of the regulatory iceberg will be more than sufficient to accomplish a complete government takeover of our nation’s healthcare system. Click here to download a high resolution PDF of the chart without the magnifying glass directly from staff of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress.


We should ignore all the hoopla that’s surrounded the introduction in most states and passage in a few states of the ALEC model legislation to partially nullify ObamaCare. While partial nullification of ObamaCare is certainly progress, let’s not settle for less than nullification of the entire ObamaCare law. This can be done by working with your state legislators to convince them to introduce and pass legislation to nullify the entire ObamaCare law based on our model “Federal Health Care Nullification Act.”

altThe new reprint, "The New World of ObamaCare," will be especially useful for presentations to state legislators and others about the need for nullification of the entire ObamaCare law, because it has a high quality, color print of the "ObamaCare Org Chart" as its centerfold. Using the ObamaCare Org Chart it is easy to show someone that the Individual Mandate provision of ObamaCare is just a tiny part of the overall ObamaCare law.

Although personal contact with your state legislators is essential for identifying one or more sponsors to introduce an ObamaCare nullification act in each house of your state legislature and to gain sufficient support from other legislators for passage, we also have a simple way for you and others working on this nullification project to send prewritten, editable emails in support of nullifying ObamaCare to your state legislators, governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general.

Of course, if only one or two states pass legislation to nullify the entire ObamaCare bill, then the federal government would probably prevail in those states through its usual combination of threats and withholding of federal money. However, if a majority of states were to nullify the entire ObamaCare law, that would likely be enough "push back" to stop the implementation of ObamaCare in its tracks, and lead to eventual congressional repeal.

In order to restore our freedom under the Constitution we must stop ObamaCare. Congressional repeal would be best, but is probably not possible until 2013 at the earliest. The lawsuits against ObamaCare will probably take years and are based on whether the Individual Mandate is constitutional, so likely would not invalidate the rest of the ObamaCare law, even if the lawsuits are successful. However, nullification legislation can be passed in state legislatures in early 2011, and thus provide a very quick start to the necessary process of building up pressure to stop implementation of ObamaCare in as many states as possible on the road to eventual congressional repeal.

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