Stop the Amnesty and Guest Worker Bills

Stop the Amnesty and Guest Worker Bills

The new amnesty and guest worker bills would help establish the North American Union.

To learn what to expect in the way of amnesty and guest worker provisions in the new comprehensive immigration reform legislation being introduced in Congress this spring read “Permanent Amnesty, Temporary Border” in the April 22 issue of The New American.

The following quotes from that article provide an important perspective on the new Senate immigration bill:

But why should a place be found for those who sneak across the border and do not want to assimilate? Why can’t borders be enforced? In truth, the policy of providing repeated amnesties without enforcing the border does not make any sense — unless the intent is to eventually eliminate the border as part of a broader agenda to establish a North American Union. The evidence demonstrates this is exactly what’s happening….

The establishment of an NAU would do in North America what the Amsterdam Treaty did in Europe when it made the Schengen agreements part of European Union law — it would transform de facto (in fact) open borders into de jure (in law) open borders. In order to prevent this transformation, both sides of the internationalists’ agenda must be countered simultaneously: Illegal immigration must be controlled and amnesty denied, and new “free trade” pacts between the United States and other nations must be stopped and existing ones, such as NAFTA, repealed.

Exactly. The new comprehensive immigration initiative in Congress should be understood as part of a broader agenda to establish a North American Union. The intent of the reformers is to legalize the status of an estimated 12 million (more likely many millions more) by providing them a “path to citizenship,” aka amnesty, and to legalize the future flow of immigrants by providing a large-scale guest worker program. That is, the intent is to establish an open border by granting amnesty to the present illegal immigrants and by establishing a large-scale guest worker program as a legal option for future would-be illegal immigrants.

If successful, the new comprehensive immigration initiative would transform our de facto (in fact) open borders into de jure (in law) open borders, which, coupled with our nation’s family reunification policy, would set the stage for massive, unlimited immigration into the United States. This would signal the end of our existence as an independent nation, ending the very successful history of freedom of these United States under the Constitution, which began with the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the Constitution in 1787.

If we intend to restore and preserve our free and independent nation, we must oppose all amnesty and guest worker legislation, then work to repeal our existing “free trade” agreements, such as NAFTA and CAFTA, and stop any new “free trade” agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Contact your representative and senators and urge them to reject both amnesty for the illegal immigrants already here and guest worker programs for future immigrants. Congress needs to enforce the immigration laws we currently have on the books, which already provide for over one million legal immigrants each year.

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