Update June 24: the Senate voted 60-38 on final passage of TPA and sent it to the president's desk.

Congress can use Article III, Section 2 to strip the Supreme Court of its jurisdiction over marriage.

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) introduced a bill to help hold the president accountable to the Constitution.

On April 16 Senate Finance and House Ways and Means committees introduced Trade Promotion Authority bill.

JBS President John F. McManus rebuts claims that past JBS leaders favored a constitutional convention.

With a surge of pressure being put on state legislators this year to apply for an Article V convention, this article provides three reasons to oppose all such constitutional convention applications.

Ask your congressmen now to cosponsor 'Audit the Fed' bills, H.R. 24 and S. 264.

Three Reasons to Oppose All State Article V Convention Applications

Seven common sense questions and answers about Article V constitutional conventions.

Charlie Meadows, Founder of OC-PAC, answers nine common questions about Con-Cons.

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