Seven common sense questions and answers about Article V constitutional conventions.

Charlie Meadows, Founder of OC-PAC, answers nine common questions about Con-Cons.

Activists from all across the political spectrum are rallying to stop the far-reaching sovereignty-crushing "free-trade" agreements being pushed by Obama.

Contact Congress now to prevent passage of Trade Promotion Authority in the lame-duck session.

The seventh round of U.S./EU (TTIP) negotiations begins September 29 in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Now that the House has passed its Audit the Fed bill, urge your senators to do likewise.

We must preserve our independence and freedom by stopping approval of TPA, TPP, and TTIP.

Hold your congressmen accountable to the Constitution with their "Freedom Index" scores.

Americans should ask their congressmen to reject the TPP & TTIP "free trade" partnerships.

Has Michigan triggered a congressional call for an Article V convention?

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