Letters From Congress: Organization

Organize a Letters From Congress program in your stateTo operate a labor efficient 1-10-100 Action Program under our Letters From Congresss campaign does require some organization. We need volunteer members working together as a team. We believe the best way to organize is by state congressional delgations and then by individual congressional districts within the states...

Power of the Mailbox

Find out what your Congressman is saying on the key issues affecting your family and livelihood... then broadcast his position to your friends and associates.   Sharing your representative's position, in his own words, is the most influential way to inform your friends on our key issues...

Leverage the Power of Action

1-10-100 Program

Powered-up with the Scribd "YouTube for Documents" service, our revitalized Letters From Congress campaign is being rolled out just in time for all the battles ahead of us in the 111th Congress!  Learn how to leverage your letter writing power with our 1-10-100 program.

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