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Letters From Congress: Organization

To emphasize the team approach of the Letters From Congress organization, we use two main terms of organizational structure: State Coaches and District Captains.

A District Captain is responsible for overseeing letter writing campaigns within a single congressional district. 

The District Captain has the responsibility for seeing to it that 1st, 2nd and 3rd level letters are received back from Congressmen in the 1-10-100 program.   The District Captain sees to it that we are not wasting valuable constituent labor under what in many cases had defaulted to the wrong-way 100-10-1 program; flooding a congressional office with 100 hand crafted letters on the first pass and then dissipating in interest level to something approaching zero – hardly the way to influence a congressman.   The District Captain leverage the power of internet communication.  They work with and encourage members, and willing hands that are not yet members, to keep a well-directed and ever increasing flow of letters going into Congressional offices.

The State Coach is responsible for coordinating action at a statewide leve and keeping all District Captains to the game plan.  To assist State Coaches, we have a Letters From Congress coordinator (currently Jim Capo).  The Letters From Congress coordinator is responsible for managing the State Coaches and seeing to it that a District Captain structure is developed underneath them. 

An effective Letters From Congress tructure for a state includes one State Coach and enough District Captains to manage all the congressional districts in the state. 

Depending on the abilities and time constraints of the District Captains, additional captains might be required to handle Senators – though many State Coaches may prefer to coordinate the letters to Senators. 

If you are interested in building or participating in the team necessary to run a successful Letters From Congress campaign in your state please contact Jim Capo.

We look forward to working with you to help restore representative government.

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