Abortion Clinics Shut at Record Pace; Planned Parenthood Struggles

By:  Alex Newman
Abortion Clinics Shut at Record Pace; Planned Parenthood Struggles

Abortion clinics are closing at a rapid pace and Planned Parenthood is struggling, sparking celebration from pro-life activists.

Across the country, dozens of tax-funded Planned Parenthood offices and abortion clinics have reportedly been shuttered so far this year, a new record that is sparking enthusiasm and celebration from pro-life activists working to save the lives of unborn children. As part of that apparent trend, the number of surgical abortion clinics nationwide is also on the decline, with pro-life organizations reporting that around 43 have closed just this year compared to 24 throughout 2012. Advocates for unborn children, unsurprisingly, are celebrating what they view as highly encouraging news.

Meanwhile, since 2010, data compiled by the generally pro-abortion Huffington Post show at least 54 abortion clinics across 27 states either shut down or stopped perpetrating abortions. At least several others are just barely hanging on after activist federal judges temporarily forced taxpayers to continue funding the institutions via state governments. Among states for which data was available, 10 saw a 20-percent or more decline in the number of abortion providers between 2010 and 2013. Just two states, Nebraska and Massachusetts, had an increase — one new clinic each.

Pro-life activists cited, among other potential contributing factors, shifting public opinion, which polls show has become increasingly opposed to unrestricted abortion — and especially the coercion involved in forcing taxpayers to subsidize something that flies in the face of their moral beliefs. Others point to stepped up efforts by activists to rescue unborn children through education, offering support to mothers facing crisis pregnancies, and similar initiatives taking place across the country.

While analysts and activists on both sides of the issue had varying explanations for the trend, most also pointed to the recent dramatic escalation in state-level efforts to rein in taxpayer support for abortion providers while tightening regulations and oversight. At least one pro-abortion zealot called the developments a “nightmare,” but pro-life activists are celebrating the news and gearing up to work even harder in the battle to save unborn lives.

Operation Rescue, one of the numerous pro-life organizations working to protect pre-born children in America, vowed to keep up the pressure for as long as it takes. “We will work through legal avenues to make sure this trend of abortion clinic closures continues until there are none left to inflict human misery upon vulnerable women and their children,” said Troy Newman, the president of the organization.

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Photo of abortion clinic: AP Images

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