American Suckers

By:  Selwyn Duke
American Suckers

Balkanization greatly imperils the United States. If we won’t be an American family and defend it, other families (nations) certainly won’t do so. They will in fact hold us in contempt. For just as a man may use a loose woman for carnal pleasure but not respect her, foreigners are more than willing to use our traitors within to destroy the city walls. But they may despise the traitors most of all.

Really, I can’t completely blame foreigners who hold us Americans in contempt. I know that’s a controversial statement, but my reasoning is explained with two questions: Do people generally respect those who allow themselves to be used as a doormat? And, then, how do people usually feel about the character of a traitor?

Now consider what foreigners see from modern America. We not only allow aliens to transgress our borders and often refuse to deport them, but we then also sue each other, with many among us fighting tooth and nail for the “rights” of these interlopers. Where other nations throw illegal migrants out like yesterday’s trash, we’re erecting water stations in the southwestern desert to facilitate their invasion.

Then there is the war on our formative religion, Christianity, and the attendant exalting of what had been considered foreign faiths, such as Islam. There are again the lawsuits, resulting in the removal of crosses and other historically present Christian symbols and sentiments. Christmas trees are renamed “Holiday” trees and schoolchildren are sometimes told not to write about Jesus, while a California school district instituted an Islamic immersion course. In contrast, Muslim countries tend to be chauvinistically Islamic, often even prohibiting the proselytization of other faiths under the threat of death.

There are other examples, but suffice it to say we’re eating ourselves alive. The antibodies have turned on the body, with our hate-America-first schools, universities, media, and popular culture attacking our every institution and casting American and Western traditions as the bane of humanity. And even those not of this mind — many of whom we now euphemistically call “low-information voters” — are complicit because they care about little save bread and circuses. They are, to echo Edmund Burke, the (somewhat) good men who do nothing.

A recent example of this indifference was the popularity of South Korean “Gangnam Style” singer Park Jae-sang, better known by his stage name “PSY.” In 2004, he sang the following anti-American lyrics as a protest against the US’ role in the Iraq War:

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Selwyn Duke (photo)

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