Big Media “Journalists” Exposed in Secret Progressive Network

By:  Alex Newman
Big Media “Journalists” Exposed in Secret Progressive Network

Does it ever seem like many American self-styled “journalists” in the establishment media are parroting talking points from the same “progressive” script? It is probably because they are.

The watchdog group Media Trackers recently announced that it had discovered a secret network of more than 1,000 radical Big Government activists that includes more than a few prominent individuals masquerading as objective news reporters at major press outlets. Lobbyists, fringe political activists, climate alarmists, Democrat Party operatives, and Big Labor are also all represented in the group, which has as its declared mission to create a “more coordinated” movement for leftists to take over America.

Many of the self-described “progressives” strategizing together behind the scenes with other far-left bigwigs work for top establishment media outlets such as CNN, the Washington Post, the online Huffington Post, Reuters, the New York Times, Al Jazeera America, U.S. News & World Report, The Nation magazine, and more. Even a brief review of their work reveals that numerous “journalists” and media types active in the previously secret network regularly promote fellow members and their causes — without disclosing their behind-the-scenes links to each other. The scheming would seem to be a violation of basic journalistic ethics.

Other operatives involved in the secret group include high-level players at major institutions promoting Big Government, the destruction of traditional values, Obama’s agenda to “fundamentally transform” America, globalism, the dissolution of U.S. borders, and hatred of conservatives. Among the outfits represented in the network is a vast cross-section of the misnamed “progressive” movement including everything from Big Labor and Big Green to Democrat Party operatives, Big Abortion, and pseudo-human rights groups. Leaders in dozens of lesser-known fringe groups, such as local “Occupy” movements, are also involved.

The list of members includes operatives with tax-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood; the extremist pro-abortion outfit NARAL; Big Labor bosses at the SEIU, UAW, CWA, National Education Association, and the AFL-CIO; operatives with and Occupy Wall Street; Obama’s AstroTurf group Organizing for Action; the Democrat Party; People for the American Way; the discredited climate alarmist group; the NAACP; the infamous Institute for Policy Studies identified by prominent members of Congress as a subversive communist front; various political campaigns; Amnesty International; the ACLU; the Sierra Club; CodePink; Greenpeace; the Big Business-funded, Obama-linked Center for American Progress infamous for promoting rule by decree and global government; leftist attack group Political Research Associates; and dozens of other statist outfits.

According to Media Trackers, which discovered the network by chance through an open-records request with a University of Wisconsin professor, the group brings together writers, opinion leaders, activists, and political operatives. Using a secret, members-only online system through Google, the more than 1,000 “progressives” — sometimes known as statists for their unflinching faith in Big Government coercion to “solve” all manner of real and imagined problems — plot strategy together while deceptively promoting each other to an unsuspecting public.

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