Every day, scores of local police departments use DHS grant money to deploy sophisticated surveillance equipment.
A recent poll reveals a majority of Americans oppose giving President Obama the power to make an end run around the Constitution by “fast tracking” the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
In a joint statement issued at the U.S.-EU summit, President Obama and his fellow leaders called for enforcement of the UN's Arms Trade Treaty.
The Alaska State House of Representatives is considering a bill that would would allow jurors in the Last Frontier “not to apply the law to the defendant” in select criminal cases.
In a 9-0 decision on March 26, the Supreme Court upheld current federal law banning anyone found guilty of domestic violence from possessing a gun.
Connecticut will be raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour — bad move.
One of the nation's largest Christian humanitarian outreaches, World Vision, has made an about-face on an earlier announced decision that it would allow homosexual “Christians” living in same-sex relationships to work for the organization.
So the Democratic Congressman who helped get the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as the monstrosity called ObamaCare) shoved down our throats in 2010 now says he was double-crossed by the Barack Obama administration. Are we supposed to be surprised?
President Obama released a plan purporting to restrict the power of the NSA to collect telephone metadata.
Facebook may soon possess the power to match faces to users with almost human-like accuracy.
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