Pennsylvania Bridal Shop Latest Target of Angry Homosexuals

By:  Dave Bohon
Pennsylvania Bridal Shop Latest Target of Angry Homosexuals

The owner of a bridal shop in Pennsylvania has become the latest target of angry criticism due to her refusal to validate a behavior her Christian faith condemns.

Victoria Miller, the owner of W.W. Bridal Boutique in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, has been skewered on Facebook and in the media after she refused two women who allegedly wanted her shop to fit them for bridal gowns for their same-sex wedding.

According to one of the two women, who insisted on not being identified, when she called the store to make an appointment, she was put on hold for about five minutes and then was told that no appointment would be scheduled because the bridal shop did not service same-sex couples.

Explaining her decision, Miller told a local newspaper, "We feel we have to answer to God for what we do, and providing those two girls dresses for a sanctified marriage would break God’s law.”

Following the polite refusal, the two women took to the shop's Facebook page to vent their anger, prompting a volley of responses from individuals who either condemned or supported the actions of the business owner.

“This company is formed by religious extremists who practice hate filled-customer service,” wrote one angry individual.

“Victoria Miller is a whack job that seethes hate,” wrote another. “She will burn in hell for her statements about God hating gay people. I hope you go out of business.”

The New York Daily News quoted one individual as claiming that “Jesus made everyone feel welcome, shame you are not a follower of Christ.”

However, others offered support for the business owner. “Standing for God is never wrong, no matter what society says,” wrote one individual, with another noting that “God commands us to love the sinner but hate the sin. That means you don’t do things to promote the sinful acts.”

One woman wrote, “I didn’t realize this is the only place in all of PA to purchase a gown. You should not have to sacrifice your convictions to operate a business. God will bless you as you stand by your beliefs in a righteous manner.”

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