"Runaway Slave" Documentary Calls Americans to Run from Tyranny

By:  Kelly Holt
"Runaway Slave" Documentary Calls Americans to Run from Tyranny

Pastor C.L. Bryant hosts Runaway Slave, a documentary based on the theme of modern day enslavement to the tyranny of government, and calls Americans to run away toward freedom. 

Finally. An educated and intelligent black leader has produced a documentary challenging the dominant thinking in America about race. In partnership with FreedomWorks and Ground Floor Video, C.L. Bryant, former NAACP chapter leader and Democrat liberal, has produced Runaway Slave. This 108-minute film posits the idea that black Americans, by buying into progressivism, and the mindset of entitlements, have traded one form of slavery for another.

Bryant, a Baptist minister and Tea Party leader opens the film by asking if African Americans, nearly a half century after Martin Luther King proclaimed “Free at last!” are indeed free. And why, he ponders, are they still angry? His search for the answer forms the basis of this film as he travels from one coast to the other interviewing black Americans, activists, political and religious leaders and popular personalities — most claiming to be conservative.

The title Runaway Slave draws on the historical concept of American slaves in the mid-19th century escaping from slavery, usually on a southern plantation, and escaping to freedom via the “underground railroad.” Bryant and the film’s producers use the term to call American blacks to become modern runaway slaves, and leave behind the domination of not only welfare and entitlements, but the rhetoric of divisive black leaders who promote hatred and violence as the way to gain equality.

Bryant also recounts part of his own personal story. Early in his career, when he was asked by the NAACP to endorse an agenda that included abortion, he found his political philosophy in conflict with his faith, and marks that realization as the beginning of his journey to conservatism. He now believes that the only hope for America lies in limited government, self-reliance, freedom, and fiscal and individual responsibility.

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