Sexually Explicit Middle-school Textbook Outrages Calif. Parents

By:  Dave Bohon
Sexually Explicit Middle-school Textbook Outrages Calif. Parents

A California school district has pulled an explicit sex education textbook chosen for ninth graders after a full-court grassroots campaign by parents and other concerned community residents.

The Fremont Unified School District decided to put on hold the use of the college-level text Your Health Today, slated for introduction into the middle-school health curriculum, following a petition drive from parents that demanded the book's removal.

The 392-page book, which includes all the typical middle-school-appropriate coverage of health subjects such as nutrition, fitness, hygiene, and body image, also delves into areas that typical parents would not want their children exposed to in a classroom with other students, such as sexual intercourse, masturbation, and orgasms, along with explicit line drawings of sexual organs and body anatomy. Additionally, the book gets into inappropriate areas such as bondage and sex toys, and includes material that parents and other concerned individuals termed pornographic.

Parents with students in the district began to get involved when they received e-mails alerting them to the book and its content. According to the conservative legal advocacy group Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), which has represented parents in the conflict, that concern led to a petition drive which garnered over 3,800 signatures demanding that the district find another text for the middle-school health class.

“I was shocked when I looked at the book the first time,” said one mother, Asfia Ahmed, who has two children who would be forced to use the book. “I am willing to pursue legal action, and I have other parents willing to support me on this.”

During a school board meeting at which parents weighed in on the offensive book, district officials admitted that the electronic version of Your Health Today, which reportedly goes as far as introducing 13- and 14-year olds to topics such as sex toys and the adult film industry, is so explicit that the district had to turn off its Internet filters to keep the e-text from being blocked.

The PJI's Brad Dacus confirmed to One News Now that what the book promotes is “so perverse, so outrageous, so objectionable that hundreds of parents who normally wouldn't be involved signed petitions and have been communicating to the school district their outrage.”

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