As Syria War Plan Loses Steam, Bid to Empower UN Court Grows

By:  Alex Newman
As Syria War Plan Loses Steam, Bid to Empower UN Court Grows

As a tsunami of public and congressional opposition puts a damper on the Obama administration’s warmongering against Syria, at least for now, the establishment is making clear that it has no intention of letting the latest crisis go to waste.

Instead of launching a full-blown military strike for “regime change,” which may still happen regardless of what Congress says, it appears to analysts as though there may be a new strategy at work — strengthening the United Nations and its supposed “court.”

In essence, the establishment appears to be hoping to exploit the disaster in Syria to further empower the dictator-dominated UN and its so-called International Criminal Court (ICC) while painting the Russian government as a legitimate force for peace. Syria, of course, is not a party to the agreement creating the self-styled “court.” Neither is the U.S. government, meaning the ICC has exactly zero jurisdiction in the Syrian conflict. The notion of Vladimir Putin’s Russia as a responsible government working for peace, meanwhile, has been dismissed by critics as ridiculous.

Of course, the war drums are still beating frantically in Washington, D.C., as an increasingly isolated Obama administration pleads for support from the American people, Congress, and the “international community.” However, with the intense opposition to more war from lawmakers and the public solidifying, while the U.S. government touts the support it has from assorted Islamist tyrants, analysts say the establishment’s plot to directly attack Syria seems less likely to materialize than it did just a week ago.

Obama boasted openly yet again on Monday that he was considering defying Congress by launching a war even if lawmakers refused to submit. With the prospect of impeachment over another unconstitutional war looming large, though, the new plan — already being touted by belligerent governments on both sides of the conflict, including the Obama administration — involves having the UN step in and, supposedly, make everything better. That is what the public is being spoon fed, at least.

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