Bill Kristol and His "Code Brown Shirt" Conservatism

By:  Jack Kenny
Bill Kristol and His "Code Brown Shirt" Conservatism

The Weekly Standard's neoconservative William Kristol has outdone himself with his recent verbal attack on fellow Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

The Weekly Standard's William Kristol, the ostensibly wise old sage of the Grand Old Party, has outdone himself with his recent verbal attack on fellow Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. As Joe Wolverton wrote on, Kristol, speaking on Fox News Sunday, accused Senator Paul of "running to the left of the Obama administration." In an opinion piece published in his magazine, editor Kristol called Paul the "spokesman for the Code Pink faction of the Republican Party." The reference was to a women's group focused mainly on anti-war issues.

The heroic Kristol, battle-tested in the pundit platoon during the run-up to the March 2003 invasion of Iraq, preached unceasingly in his influential magazine and in his numerous TV appearances of the necessity of taking military action against the Baghdad regime. Kristol parroted the Bush administration line that Saddam Hussein had a an active program of "weapons of mass destruction," to be used, either by Saddam or a Saddam-friendly terrorist organization, against the United States or Israel or other nations either in the pro-democracy West or in the volatile Arab world in the Middle East. Kristol and his fellow dot-com, desktop warriors led the invasion from their privileged perches at their word processors, making the case again and again that the survival of America and the "free world" depended on disarming Saddam.

To be fair, Kristol and his cohorts were probably unaware of most of the dissenting intelligence reports that contradicted the administration line, though some of that leaked out well before the invasion. For instance, they were most likely unaware of reports that sources close to the Iraqi foreign minister and Baghdad's intelligence chief told both British and U.S. intelligence officials that Saddam had no active WMD program.

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