Homosexual Assaults Becoming a Problem in U.S. Military, DoD Survey Finds

By:  Dave Bohon
Homosexual Assaults Becoming a Problem in U.S. Military, DoD Survey Finds

A Defense Department survey has found a dramatic increase in sexual assault among the troops — including homosexual assaults perpetrated by male military personnel.

A little over a year after the “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” (DADT) ban on homosexuals in the military was officially dropped, the Department of Defense has admitted that it has a problem with sexual assault by male soldiers on other men. The Washington Times noted that, according to an anonymous survey conducted by the Defense Department among military personnel, more men than women are sexually abused in the military each year, with assaults overwhelmingly perpetrated by other men.

Results of the survey show that of the estimated 26,000 service members who were victims of sexual assault in 2012, roughly 14,000 of the victims were men, while some 12,000 were women, according to a scientific survey sample released by the Pentagon.

A 129 percent increase in sexual assaults among military personnel since 2004 has prompted Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to launch a campaign to deal with “unwanted sexual contact,” among the troops. But the project has become more complicated by the fact that an inordinate number of the assaults are apparently being perpetrated by male homosexuals — close on the heels of their high-profile welcome into the ranks.

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, noted that the number of formal reports of sexual assault in the military annually skyrocketed from 1,275 to 2,949 in just eight years, and the numbers of same-sex assaults appear to be one of the factors. Donnelly said that women are identified as the assailants in just two percent of all assaults, which means that almost all of the 14,000 or so men who have been assaulted sexually were targeted by other men. “It appears that the DoD has serious problems with male-on-male sexual assaults that men are not reporting and the Pentagon doesn't want to talk about,” Donnelly charged.

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