New Obama Amnesty Plot Threatens the Republic, Sen. Sessions Warns

By:  Alex Newman
New Obama Amnesty Plot Threatens the Republic, Sen. Sessions Warns

In an explosive letter hand-delivered to the offices of all 535 members of Congress, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) warned fellow lawmakers that a new plot by Obama to grant amnesty to millions more illegal immigrants by executive decree “threatens the foundation of our constitutional Republic.”

If the administration is not stopped, Sessions added, the borders and immigration law would essentially be nullified, paving the way for an even more dangerous crisis. As such, Congress must take action to restrain the president, he said.

The latest warning, one of the most serious yet by a high-ranking lawmaker, tells members of Congress in stark terms that the United States is currently facing a major disaster that will only get worse without congressional action. Rather than bowing to Obama’s demand for another $3.7 billion in taxpayer funds, however, Sessions suggested that it was time for the legislative branch to get tough. “Congress cannot surrender to this lawlessness,” he said, blasting the administration’s threats, its “illegal executive actions,” and its brazen refusal to obey the law.

Citing a recent news report about the administration’s scheme to unlawfully legalize between five million and six million illegal-immigrant adults, the senator warned that the existing “disaster” on the border could escalate to “unthinkable proportions.” In the July 3 article quoted by Sessions, National Journal reported that Obama was plotting to “press his executive powers to the limit.” The president also gave “quiet credence” to recommendations from the extremist group La Raza (The Race) on stopping millions of adult deportations using “executive actions,” similar to his 2012 scheme for child so-called Dreamers.

The report quoted in Sen. Sessions’ letter said the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security had been ordered by Obama to “find executive authorities that could enlarge that non-prosecutorial umbrella by a factor of 10.” In other words, the administration is hoping to provide amnesty by decree — in violation of federal law — to 10 times more illegal immigrants than have already been legalized through Obama’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) scheme. “This is breathtaking,” Sessions wrote to his colleagues.

“The action the President is reportedly contemplating would be a nullification of the Immigration and Nationality Act by the Executive Branch of government,” continued Sessions, the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee. “Indeed, it would be an executive nullification of our borders as an enforceable national boundary. By declaring whole classes of illegal immigrants beyond the reach of the law, it would remove the moral authority needed to enforce any immigration law, creating the very open-borders policy explicitly rejected by Congress and the people. And it would guarantee that the current illegal immigration disaster would only further worsen and destabilize.”

Throughout the letter, as in previous public statements, Sessions blamed the escalating surge of illegal immigrants flooding the southern border on Obama’s antics.

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