Common Purpose for the People

Written by Donald Hank on April 06 2009.

UN HeadquartersA speech by British ex-naval officer Brian Gerrish shows that the organization, Common Purpose, was formed for the purpose of ramming the European Union down the throat of the UK. Their ultimate goal is a world government that would supersede national governments, just as the EU has largely superseded European nations, bypassing the people’s will.

Common Purpose is part of the International Leftist elite that wants to micromanage your country, whatever that country may be. Their bullying tactics are typical and can be traced to the earliest communist manipulators of the masses, particularly Antonio Gramsci, who proposed putting each individual in a "psychic iron cage," making it almost impossible for people to speak their minds when their ideas are at loggerheads with the left's agenda.

The psychic iron cage is now a reality thanks to the international manipulators who have cleverly created “victim” groups – minorities, women, homosexuals, Muslims, atheists, immigrants (even illegal ones), etc – and a million and one reasons why they must be protected at the expense of your personal liberty. A good example is the way Muslims and homosexuals are "protected" from frank and honest speech, with homosexuals being “protected” even from legitimate health warnings. In Sweden, a pastor was arrested and charged with a hate crime for preaching from parts of the Bible that oppose that behavior. Yet no one in Sweden appears offended at Imams who teach, based on the Koran, just how a man should properly beat his wife or that homosexuals should be hanged.

A powerful group within the UN is now clamoring for laws that would ban criticism of Islam, which in turn would thwart most anti-terror efforts. In America terms like "illegal immigrant" and “War on Terror” have been banned within government agencies and are censored in the media.

In other words, the psychic iron cage is essentially what we call political correctness. “Sustainability” and the “green” agenda are also a part of the accompanying newspeak, something also pointed out by Gerrish in his discussion of Common Purpose.

For instance, Obama’s most loyal ally, Gordon Brown, used the following red-flag terms in his speech, which you can listen to here:

  • green
  • collective
  • New World Order
  • globalization
  • together manage
  • sustainable

Similarly, when Obama talked about a "common sense of purpose" in a speech made during the G-20 Summit, it was clear that he has borrowed from the vocabulary promoted by the Common Purpose group and is pushing for world government.

At the G20, Obama said: "And although it will take time, I am confident that we will rebuild global prosperity if we act with a common sense of purpose, persistence and the optimism that the moment demands."

I don't make predictions, but let me just say that America – and the world – will be lucky if, by the end of the Obama administration, the United States has not joined a central UN-led government that will be telling us – and your country – what laws it must pass to "harmonize" our legislation with UN mandates.

Beware of your country's leaders who speak of a common sense of purpose or a common purpose.

The most worthy purpose right now is to keep each of our countries intact amidst the flurry of efforts to mix us in a giant blender of world governance that will destroy national identities and human individualism. Indeed I will go so far as to say that, ironically, this purpose of defeating the international elite does in fact give free people everywhere a true common purpose, and that is a purpose that will eventually defeat this elite, including politicians and bankers who have been manipulating us like puppets for many years.

Let us stand together for once, not as a global collective under a common UN aegis, but under the banner of freedom.

Donald Hank
is a former language teacher, currently operating a technical translation agency in Wrightsville, PA. He holds an undergraduate degree in French and German from Millersville State University (PA), a Master’s degree in Russian language and literature from Kutztown State College (also in PA), has studied Chinese for 3 years in Taiwan at the Mandarin Training Center, and is self-taught in other languages, having logged a total of 8 years abroad in total immersion situations. He is also the founder of Lancaster-York Non-Custodial Parents, a volunteer organization that provides Christian counseling for non-custodial parents.

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