Since 1961, Freedom’s Voices has sponsored talented and captivating speakers through its Speakers Bureau and other forums. While most speakers were from the U.S., many came from other nations, such as South Africa, China, Israel, Costa Rica, Australia, Estonia, Cuba, and Russia.

Even though these individuals have all come from different backgrounds, they each had one message to share: freedom. Freedom’s Voices has a long and distinguished history of presenting speakers who are keenly aware of the motivations that drive political policy.

Currently, Freedom’s Voices has speakers offering presentations on the topics of our top three action projects: Choose Freedom – Stop a Con Con, Choose Freedom – Stop the Free Trade Agenda, and Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent. We do have other speakers that can focus on additional topics. To book or request a speaker, please contact us at 920-749-3780 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have a number of speakers available, including the following:

Arthur Thompson

  • What is the Real Price of Free Trade?
  • Support Your Local Police & Keep Them Independent: Exposing the Anti-Police Agenda of the Radical Left
  • The Battle for Freedom: The First 100 Years of Our Republic (What You’ve Never Learned in School)
  • Change It or Obey It? Why the Constitution is the Solution (As Opposed to A Con-Con)
  • Exposing Terrorism: Inside the Terror Triangle of the U.S., Russia, and the Middle East
  • State vs. Federal: Winning the Fight for Your Rights Through Nullification
  • Exploring Common Core


Jim Fitzgerald

  • Support Your Local Police & Keep Them Independent: Exposing the Anti-Police Agenda of the Radical Left


John McManus

  • Why It’s Time to Get Us Out of the United Nations
  • America’s Economic Meltdown
  • Dollars & $ense: Will America be the Next Greece?
  • Stealing the American Dream: How Illegal Immigration Affects You!
  • Stopping the New World Order
  • Who’s Controlling American Policy?


William Jasper

  • Protecting Rights: Loyal Americans Targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Frustrated With Politics? Why the Status Quo Came to Be and How You Can Fight It
  • Agenda 21: Where Red, White, & Blue Collide With Green
  • Regulation Overload: How Agenda 21 is Slowly Strangling American Businesses & Property Owners to “Save” the Environment


Dr. Duke Pesta (through American Opinion Foundation)

  • Common Core: Dangers and Threats
  • Crisis in Contemporary Education
  • Confounding the Founding Fathers
  • The Influence of Christianity on Western Art and Culture
  • C. S. Lewis: From Atheism to Apologetics
  • Teaching Christian Worldview
  • Dostoevsky, God, and the Devil


Alan Scholl (through American Opinion Foundation)

  • Teaching The Relationship Between God & Government
  • Raising Responsible Americans” - Our Unique ‘Dual Citizenship
  • Character: A Part of All Instruction
  • America’s Liberty Teeth: Teaching the 2nd Amendment in the 21st Century
  • Who REALLY Owns Your Children?
  • The Stuff of Legend: Teaching Heritage and History


Bliss Tew

  • What is the Real Price of Free Trade?


Dr. Michael Ritze

  • A Closer Look at ObamaCare: How States Can Stand Up to Stop It


Scott Bradley, Ph.D.

  • Change It or Obey It? Why the Constitution is the Solution (As Opposed to A Con-Con)


Andy Dlinn

  • The Judeo-Christian Basis for Freedom and Liberty


Tom DeWeese

  • Agenda 21: How Sustainable Development Negatively Affects Your Family and Community


Joe Wolverton, Jr., J.D.

  • Change It or Obey It? Why the Constitution is the Solution (As Opposed to A Con-Con)


Common Thread Behind Recent Wave of Chaos?

With the recent terror attacks in France, the failed military coup in Turkey, and the latest killing of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, JBS Vice President of Communications Bill Hahn offers some insights as to what the common thread behind it all is and what ramifications it will have on the free world and liberty at home. Be sure to share this video!

  • View Timeline and Successes

    Click On The Arrow To The Right or Events Below For Additional Details

  • The John Birch Society is Founded

    Late in the afternoon of December 9, 1958, Robert Welch founds The John Birch Society in the home of Miss Marguerite Dice in Indianapolis, Indiana, after giving a two day presentation.

  • First JBS chapters and victory

    The first local chapters of the JBS are formed in the Greater Boston Area. The new JBS chapters formed the Committee Against Summit Entanglements (CASE), which succeeded when President Eisenhower canceled plans to visit the USSR in an attempt to make the USSR look respectable.

  • First JBS chapters and victory

    The February 25, 1961 issue of People's World, the official West Coast newspaper of the Communist Party USA, featured an attack article on the Society, referring to it as a new, secret, fascist group setting up "cells" all over the United States.

  • Get US Out of the United Nations campaign launched

    The Society launches its all-out on-going Get US Out campaign to effectively withdraw the United States from the United Nations and the United Nations from the U.S. This an active campaign for The John Birch Society. For more information Click Here

  • Support Your Local Police

    Robert Welch first introduces the "Support Your Local Police" campaign in the July 1963 Bulletin. SYLP's primary objectives include: a) Opposition to the continuance or establishment of Police Review Boards, and b) Opposition to the creation of a federal or national police by keeping local police departments independent.This an active campaign for The John Birch Society. For more information Click Here

  • TACT Committees formed

    Truth About Civil Turmoil (TACT) Committees formed to expose the Communist agenda behind much of the racial conflict turbulence. Anarchy USA film shown to thousands in JBS meetings across the nation.

  • NYC Voters Abolish Civilian Complaint Review Board

    New York City's Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) was defeated by a very large margin of 63 to 36 percent. Commenting about the victory, Robert Welch said, in the December 1968 Bulletin, "This was because, by this time, and on this subject, enough people understood what was at stake."

  • Robert Welch 1974 Speech

    Compiled from two different speeches given by Robert Welch at the March 9, 1974 JBS Council Dinner, in Los Angeles, this 9-minute video presentation has been viewed by millions.

  • JBS launches campaign to abolish LEAA

    The John Birch Society launches an ultimately successful drive to have Congress abolish the federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA). In 1982 Congress voted to defund the LEAA, thus abolishing the program.

  • Larry McDonald becomes Chairman of The John Birch Society

    The Honorable Lawrence Patton McDonald is appointed Chairman of The John Birch Society, succeeding Robert Welch who in turn assumes the position of Chairman Emeritus.

  • Soviet Union shoots down KAL 007

    Korean Air Lines flight 007 is shot down by Soviet fighter jets over Sakhalin Island, carrying Congressman Larry McDonald on board along with 268 other passengers.

  • First issue of The New American Magazine

    The New American magazine is founded by combining both the American Opinion monthly and The Review of the News Weekly Magazines.

  • Illegal Immigration Crisis

    In the cover story of the June 2, 1986 issue of The New American magazine we warned that "If the immigration situation sounds alarming now, we can expect it soon to get much worse – unless the President and Congress take serious action to address the issue." Later that year Congress passed and President Reagan signed into law the so-called Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which granted amnesty to millions and resulted in an even greater influx of illegal immigrants than before.

  • First to warn about Agenda 21

    The July 13, 1992 issue of The New American magazine covered the United Nations "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 3-14, 1992. In that issue we first sounded the alarm that Agenda 21 "a then little known treaty" was a "massive global plan for regulating the entire planet" under the guise of achieving sustainable development and protecting the environment. To read the original cover story, entitled "ECO '92: Launching Pad for International Global Governance," Click Here

  • Vote for UN Withdrawal

    After decades of deligent work and educating voters, the House of Representatives voted on an amendment to a bill, introduced by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) calling for the repeal of the United Nations Participation Act of 1945. Despite the measure's failure, it demonstrated the Society's growing influence. This an active campaign for The John Birch Society. For more information Click Here

  • The New American highlights the threat of Osama bin Laden

    The October 12, 1998 issue of The New American magazine highlights the threat of from Osama bin Laden, in a cover story, three years before the 9-11 terrorist attacks.To learn more about The New American Magazine or subscribe Click Here

  • STOP the FTAA

    JBS launches an ultimately succesful action project to stop U.S. efforts at establishing the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), a super-NAFTA/CAFTA "free trade" agreement for all of North, Central, and South America that would eventually abolish independent nationhood much like the European Union.

  • JBS Breaks Story about the North American Union

    In light of numerous articles on conservative websites about President George W. Bush's attempt to create a "North American Union" without congressional approval, The John Birch Society broke this story with an in-depth article, entitled "Abolishing the USA" in the October 3, 2005 issue of The New American magazine.

  • Overview of America

    Written and narrated by JBS President John F. McManus, "Overview of America" produced a straightforward explanation of government systems, basic economics, and timeless moral principles. Since its release on March, 2006, "Overview of America" has been viewed by over 8 million people and counting.

  • Choose Freedom - STOP Agenda 21

    "Choose Freedom - STOP Agenda 21" action project is launched, commencing with the publication of the JBS booklet "Agenda 21 And You" and the reprint of William F. Jasper's article from The New American magazine.This is an active campaign for The John Birch Society. For more informationClick Here

  • JBS continues defending Constitution from Con-Con threat

    The John Birch Society continues its work defending the U.S. Constitution by opposing pro-Con Con advocates such as the Convention of States (COS).

  • Stop Trade Mergers

    Not an opposition to the concept of "free trade," as understood by classicial free-market economists such as Adam Smith, but rather a campaign to stop efforts at merging the Pacific Rim nations (via the TPP, Trans-Pacific Partnertship) and the European Union with the United States (via the TTIP, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partneship) into transoceanic EU-like regional unions.

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