Rand Paul Seeks Senate 'Audit the Fed' Vote

Rand Paul Seeks Senate 'Audit the Fed' Vote

 Senator Rand Paul asks for help to get a Senate vote on 'Audit the Fed.'

 As you probably already know, the House passed Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill on July 25 by a vote of 327-98. Now the ball is in the Senate's court, where S. 202, the Senate's version of the Audit the Fed bill, has 27 cosponsors (seven new ones in the past two months).

View the video below for a recent assessment by Ron Paul of the importance of his Audit the Fed bill and its chances in the Senate.

On August 21 Senator Rand Paul made this urgent plea for help in securing a Senate vote on Audit the Fed in an email sent out by the Campaign for Liberty:  

When the Senate returns from recess, I plan on making an all-out push to force a vote on Audit the Fed.

With the House overwhelmingly passing my dad’s bill, momentum is on our side.

But news reports indicate Harry Reid will refuse to schedule a vote.

The only way to bypass his opposition is to swamp the Senate with grassroots activism....

I ... ask that you forward this email to five of your friends and urge them to join the fight today.

You see, our strength is in numbers.

Your signed petitions, phone calls, and emails helped stampede the opposition in the House.

Audit the Fed’s massive victory would not have been possible without your action.

Our best chance to force a vote on Audit the Fed in the Senate is to generate a similar tidal wave.

You can help generate a tidal wave of support for a Senate vote on Audit the Fed by emailing a link to this article (link: http://www.jbs.org/legislation/rand-paul-seeks-senate-audit-the-fed-vote) to five of your friends. Please do so.
Click here to send an email to your Senators in support of a stand-alone vote on Audit the Fed this session.
If you would like to phone or visit your Senators' offices, click here for contact information.
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