Another Step Toward UN Arms Treaty Enforcement

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
UN Secretariat Building, New York City UN Secretariat Building, New York City

The UN Arms Trade Treaty is advancing steadily and secretly toward enforcement.

Gradually and silently, the specter of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is rising again to threaten the right of Americans to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

On March 29, The New American reported on President Obama’s signature on a joint U.S.-EU statement calling for the “entry into force of the Arms Trade Treaty in 2014.” Although it is demonstrably offensive to the Constitution, the president’s participation in the statement went all but unreported.

Now, another “major step forward” toward enforcement of the globalist gun grab is barely registering on the national news radar, even among constitutionalists. Reuters reported on April 2 that “18 countries, including five of the world's top 10 arms exporters, delivered proof of its ratification to the United Nations.”

This is a noteworthy development, Reuters explains, because the arms agreement will “enter into force” (sound familiar?) when “50 countries have presented proof of ratification to the United Nations.” To date, 31 member nations have ratified the Arms Trade Treaty.

As for the United States, Secretary of State John Kerry signed the treaty last September “in the name of President Obama and the United States.” Given that the United States is nothing more or less than the collective political will of the citizens of the United States, Secretary Kerry took it upon himself to demonstrate to the UN and the world that Americans are ready to hand over their firearms and cede complete control of weapons and ammunition to the federal government.

Fortunately, Americans living in Connecticut, home of the most severe gun control laws in the country, seem ready to resist the seizure of the weapons, a confiscation that began with “mandatory” registration. Here is the story of the failure to conform, as reported by The New American:

After Connecticut enacted one of the most draconian gun-control regimes in America, official estimates suggest that the overwhelming majority of the citizens targeted by the latest assault on gun rights failed to comply. Indeed, analysts say it appears that most people largely ignored the new statute, which purports to ban numerous non-registered “assault” weapons and standard-capacity magazines. Now, despite resistance by the governor, state lawmakers are reportedly “scrambling” to come up with a possible amnesty plan allowing gun owners to register past the deadline.

Registration of guns, ammunition, and component parts is a key plank in the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty’s gun control platform.

Article 12 of the ATT contains a record-keeping requirement, mandating that the list of weapons compiled by the government include “the quantity, value, model/type, authorized international transfers of conventional arms,” as well as the identity of the “end users” of these items.

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Photo of United Nations headquarters

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