Con-Con Collaborator Bringing Mt. Vernon Assembly to Indiana

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Con-Con Collaborator Bringing Mt. Vernon Assembly to Indiana

State Senator David Long is bringing the second round of the "Mt. Vernon Assembly" to Indiana.

Indiana state Senator David Long — a Republican — is once again demonstrating his lamentable lack of understanding of the facts of federalism and his own constitutionally mandated oath to protect the Constitution.

Long (shown in center) has invited state legislators to attend a second "Mt. Vernon Assembly" scheduled for June 12-13.

According to information released by Long and Mt. Vernon organizers, three lawmakers from each state will be invited to convene at the Indiana state House to set rules for a third meeting to be held in December. The December assembly plans to formally set in motion an Article V constitutional convention.

There is much wrong with Long and his agenda, but perhaps the worst is his habit of misrepresenting the Constitution, the method of its original ratification, and the type of government it established.

“States are the laboratories of democracy,” Long said. “If something gets done properly, it doesn’t come from Washington. It comes from the states.”

“What we will be doing in Indianapolis in the second week of June is try to put the structure and rules of a convention,” Long said, as reported by local media. “If we do have that, there will be an agreed upon process that the states, possibly through resolution, will be adopting. Here’s how you officially adopt your delegates. Here’s how we run it. In this way, no one could argue that you’ve had a runaway convention.”

First, allow me to correct the senator’s statement about states being “laboratories of democracy.”

Robert Welch, the founder of The John Birch Society, explained the key distinction between “democracy” and “republic”:

When our Founding Fathers established a republic, in the hope, as Benjamin Franklin said, that we could keep it, and when they guaranteed to every state within that republic a republican form of government, they well knew the significance of the terms they were using. And they were doing all in their power to make the features of government signified by those terms as permanent as possible.

They also knew very well indeed the meaning of the word democracy, and the history of democracies; and they were deliberately doing everything in their power to avoid for their own times, and to prevent for the future, the evils of a democracy.

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