Glenn Greenwald Nails David Frum's Iraq War Explanations

By:  Jack Kenny
Glenn Greenwald Nails David Frum's Iraq War Explanations

Glenn Greenwald has nailed George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum on his explanations of the motivations behind the war in Iraq.

Glenn Greenwald, scourge of progressives and neocons alike, has nailed David Frum, the former speech writer for President George W. Bush, on his deviations and explanations of the motivations behind the the decade-long Iraq War.

To say the misleaders were themselves misled would be an understatement, since the evidence shows that, for the most part, they were willingly misled. What can you say in defense of the "intelligence" agency of the world's greatest superpower, and the government relying on that agency's information, when both were misled by a source the agency itself had code-named "Curveball"? Wouldn't that name itself indicate that the high-level operatives of our CIA had a pretty good idea that this allegedly valuable source of "intelligence" wasn't pitching the info straight to them?

In a March 18 article for Newsweek's online publication,The Daily Beast, Frum, who had previously boasted of his insider status as the author of the famous "axis of evil" line in the Bush State of the Union address in 2002, protested of how little influence he had in evaluating Ahmed Chalabi, the U.S. and U.K. choice to head the government of Iraq, once the country had been liberated by the military might of the U.S.-led coalition. Chalabi turned out to be another "Curveball." But don't blame Frum, who now protests that he wasn't that much of an insider:

I was less impressed by Chalabi than were some others in the Bush administration. However, since one of those "others" was Vice President Cheney, it didn't matter what I thought. In 2002, Chalabi joined the annual summer retreat of the American Enterprise Institute near Vail, Colorado. He and Cheney spent long hours together, contemplating the possibilities of a Western-oriented Iraq: an additional source of oil, an alternative to US dependency on an unstable-looking Saudi Arabia.

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