Hundreds Die in Cold Waves — Media Keep Flogging Global Warming

By:  William F. Jasper
Hundreds Die in Cold Waves — Media Keep Flogging Global Warming

While brutal blizzards and freezing temperatures blanket much of the world, the major media keep up a steady drumbeat of alarmism concerning the nonexistent "crisis" of global warming.

For much of the world, 2012 is going out the way it came in, with a deadly cold wave, leaving hundreds dead in its wake. Here are but a few of the chilling headlines from across the globe:

Cold wave in north, east India claims over 40 lives Mangalore Today (India), December 28, 2012

Record Cold Grips Vast Area Of Asia – China Sees Temperatures Drop To – 37°C! — NoTrickZone (Germany) December 26, 2012

Cold War: Bitter Winter Weather Kills Hundreds In Eastern Europe, RussiaInternational Business Times (U.S.), December 24, 2012

Numerous Japanese cities reach record lows as freezing temperature persistThe Japan Daily Press (Japan), December 26, 2012

East Europe's bitter cold kills 300 — Vatican Radio (Rome), December 26, 2012

Down to -50C: Russians freeze to death as strongest-in-decades winter hits — Russia Today (Russia), December 19, 2012

Heavy snowfalls keep Balkans in deep freeze — U-T San Diego (U.S.), December 11, 2012

• Tens of thousands of holiday travelers stranded as wild weather heads east — (U.S.), December 2, 2012

Blizzard warnings stretch for 730 continuous miles due to Winter Storm Euclid — The Weather Channel (U.S.)

But most of the so-called mainstream media (MSM) are stuck in their global warming groove and are determined to stay there, obstinately ignoring the scientific evidence that shows their alarmist predictions to be spectacularly wrong. They also have downplayed, totally ignored, or attempted to explain away the fact that for several winters in a row much of the world has been struck with deadly cold waves.

National Public Radio (NPR) and the Associated Press (AP) are all too typical of the willfully blind and invincibly ignorant MSM “news” organizations. On December 20 NPR ran an AP story entitled, “2012 Another Record-Setter, Fits Climate Forecasts” to spread more climate apocalypse fear.

The article intoned ominously: 

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