Lies, Half-truths, and "National Review"

By:  Jack Kenny
Lies, Half-truths, and "National Review"

Outright lies and half-truths are the stock in trade of many politicians and political publications, and such deception is on display in the National Review's coverage of a Romney campaign appearance.

The eternal truth of politics is that politicians and their fellow travelers in the popular press are not lovers of truth. And often the half-truth, the disingenuous, the duplicitous, the deceitful, misleading statement is more despicable and more dishonest than the outright lie. There are any number of publications that offer living, ongoing proof of this, but for economy of time and space, let us look at a brief passage from the pages of the June 25 issue of National Review.

I refer to a single paragraph about a Mitt Romney campaign appearance in "The Week," often the most sprightly, interesting section of the entire magazine, though the title is itself misleading, since the magazine is published "fortnightly," as William F. Buckley used to say. Nevertheless, the section, appearing at the front of the magazine, gives readers the National Review's, or the conservative establishment's, take on the events of the previous "fortnight."

And National Review finds noteworthy, and even praiseworthy, Romney's appearance before "an empty house," specifically the building that housed Solyndra, the California solar energy company that received a $500 million federally guaranteed "green energy" loan and promptly went bankrupt. So Romney naturally denounced the funneling of taxpayers' dollars to a company owned by some of Obama's campaign contributors, only to have the company go bust, with the taxpayers left holding the bag full of a half-billion dollar debt. That's what happens when you follow an economic plan that tries to grow the economy through government-dominated rather than by market decisions, Romney said. To which, National Review said, "Amen!" and added that the government-dominated approach is evident in Obama's bailouts, stimulus, and healthcare programs. 

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