"Root Causes" and Mass Murderer Adam Lanza

By:  Jack Kerwick, Ph.D.
"Root Causes" and Mass Murderer Adam Lanza

Though the media pegs a lack of gun control as the root cause of the Connecticut shootings, the reality is that Adam Lanza was simply an evil man.

No sooner had the word of the Sandy Hook Elementary School slaughter in Newtown, Connecticut, broken than the search for “root causes” was well under way. Not unexpectedly, topping the list was the “root cause” par excellence, the alleged lack of “gun control.”

Unsurprisingly, none of the following “root causes” made the cut.

For nearly 40 years, abortion has been the law of our land. Forget for the moment whether the aborted is a “person,” “child,” or “fetus,” or whether or not it has a “right to life.” What no one can deny is that it is its mother’s posterity, her begotten. It is her child.

But in allowing mothers, of all people, to destroy their own children, can anyone doubt that we make mincemeat of the idea that children, being the most vulnerable among us, are to be protected at all costs?

Maybe it is exactly because the abortion culture had taken its toll upon mass murderer Adam Lanza’s psyche that he had no regard for innocent children.

The infrequency with which capital punishment is implemented may also explain Lanza’s murderous actions.

Far from undermining the sanctity of human life, there is no other institution that affirms it more resoundingly than that of the death penalty. Inasmuch as the latter expunges from the midst of the living those who would commit such unthinkable crimes as that of which Adam Lanza is guilty, capital punishment is the clearest expression of a people’s regard for the life and wellbeing of its members. 

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