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President's Corner - February 2011

How Does the Conspiracy Work?

By John F. McManus, President

The John Birch Society is back in the news. We’ve been getting blamed for the rise of the Tea Party movement and targeted by some pundits who are searching for someone to blame for the nation’s shift to the right. It is good news that JBS has been “rediscovered” by those who wish the Society would simply go away.

A favorite topic of those who find JBS unacceptable is the Society’s claim regarding conspiracy. Yes, JBS believes that the problems facing our nation are largely the result of a conspiratorial drive to build a totalitarian world government. So when Time magazine’s Joe Klein scoffed at the Society because of “ridiculous conspiracy theories,” or Brit Hume of Fox News targeted the JBS belief that our nation’s policies are “dominated by a Communist conspiracy,” we can at least be sure they are paying attention.

The JBS has always maintained that things happen because men want them to happen and, further, that we are battling persons more than combating ideas. If what harms our nation and its people is evil, and a plan or a pattern can be shown promoting it, the three elements of conspiracy are present: secrecy, more than one person, and evil. When the perpetrators of the misdeeds aren’t held accountable, or when the misdeeds are portrayed as beneficial advances, more evidence of conspiracy arises.

While the conspiratorial designs of some (Edward Mandell House, Alger Hiss, David Rockefeller, and numerous Establishment figures) can be shown, work toward the conspiracy’s goals is always carried out by great numbers of self-serving individuals whose lack of moral principles combined with no-holds-barred ambition make them excellent worker bees. Lenin’s famous claim that “communism must be built with non-communist hands” can and should be converted into “the conspiracy to create a totalitarian new world order is being built with non-conspiratorial hands.”

The reality is that there aren’t that many totally committed conspirators aiming to destroy freedom and make slaves of mankind. But these satanically driven cretins have acquired great stature and wealth, and have the capability of rewarding anyone who carries out their desires. For many years, self-serving political figures have supported destructive measures in order to receive favorable treatment from the media, academia, campaign-funding groups, etc. They are not conspirators; they are the conspiracy’s willing hands. Journalists, pundits, and policy wonks who continually mislead the public aren’t conspirators as much as they are willing subverters of truth in order to stay employed or get promoted. Academics who feed rubbish to their students may themselves be victims of what they probably received when they were students, but they continue to be credited with superior wisdom and given tenure, promotions, even monetary awards for dispensing absolute nonsense. The result: More rubbish is drilled into students and the conspiracy’s goals become more achievable.

If a pundit or a local Birch-baiter attacks our Society because of our belief that a conspiracy exists and is moving steadily toward its sinister goal, none of us should back away. The opponent should be asked if he believes Henry Kissinger to be a fool, or David Rockefeller a sadly mistaken humanitarian, or the New York Times a completely reliable authority regarding national policy. He should be queried about our leaders ignoring the Constitution’s requirement for a congressional declaration of war before sending troops into battle; asked to defend the government’s grasp for the nation’s medical system when government has failed so miserably in the fields of education, energy, and housing; made to defend horrendous debt accumulated through an array of unconstitutional programs.

During the height of the 18th century French Revolution when many in France had been persuaded that the uprising would benefit their nation, a revolutionary figure named Marmontel worried aloud to confrere Chamfort that the nation might be taken further than it wished. Chamfort, obviously privy to more inside knowledge about what was really occurring in France, responded, “True, but does the nation know what it wishes? One can make it wish, and one can make it say, what it has never thought.” Manipulation of the public’s thinking helped to lead France into unspeakable horror.

Can the American people be similarly misled? Can millions of Americans be persuaded that evil is good, dark is light, and falsehood is truth. Today, many have been persuaded that wars authorized by the United Nations are good; that inflation is rising prices and not a thieving corruption of currency’s value; that pouring additional taxpayer dollars into departments of education, energy, housing and foreign aid programs constitutes wisdom; that the republic deliberately created by our Founders is a democracy; that the Constitution is an outdated relic needing modern “interpretation,” and so much more. Can all of this be attributed to stupidity? Or to ignorance? Doesn’t all of it, and a great deal more, suggest hidden design? As the nation’s first Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, once stated, “Consistency has never been the mark of stupidity. If [our leaders] were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.”

A detective who investigates a crime would begin immediately by asking, “Cui bono?” Who benefits? Crimes are being committed against the American people, against common sense, and against enduring moral principles. Who benefits? The answer is that a conspiracy against civilization reaps rewards, a conspiracy that has a strong grip on our nation. The number of evil men directing the plot isn’t huge. But the plotters have induced many to do their work. They are the hordes of pundits, academics, politicians, clergymen, and others who allow themselves to be bought.

Some who attack JBS because of our insistence regarding conspiracy understand a very important aspect of human nature. This is the basis of the kind of attack we receive. Human nature doesn’t impel anyone to get involved if what is happening to our nation results from stupidity or ignorance. But if someone decides that a conspiracy is actively pushing the nation toward bankruptcy, chaos, and world government, self-preservation kicks in and he or she gets involved. The highest instinct in mankind, something which all of us possess, can’t be altered. Our enemies certainly understand this. So should we.

Let us never back away from explaining that a conspiracy is at the root of our nation’s problems and that exposing it is absolutely essential. Asking the right questions will help us to locate and enlist many in the freedom fight — those who haven’t been bought and haven’t been led away from the responsibility to oppose evil. The job can be done. With God’s help — only because we deserve it — we can defeat the conspiracy.

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