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President's Corner - September 2010 (unsigned report)

A Milestone for Overview Of America

We are delighted to report that sales of the extremely popular Overview of America DVD recently soared past the 125,000 mark. But the number of Americans favorably impacted by this 29-minute program has soared far beyond its sales figure.

Overview has provided information about the roots of our nation, the type of government created by our Founders, basic ideas about economics, awareness that current government leaders and programs are ruining the nation, and more.  In addition, it has given many Americans a favorable view of The John Birch Society, an extremely important counter to the decades-long spreading of misinformation about our organization.

Estimates of the number of Americans who have seen all or a portion of Overview range from a minimum of five million to as many as eight million — and growing.  Most have viewed the entire program but many have seen only a ten-minute section placed on YouTube by unknown individuals. Showings by members and newly acquired allies continue to boost the number of viewers. If you have arranged for any of these programs, you know that the reception has been enormously favorable. And you have our thanks. We certainly encourage continued distribution of this always timely program.

Happy Surprises and Widespread Use

1. Two JBS staff members arrived late and unannounced to a patriotic gathering of 500 persons in Montana. On a large screen holding the rapt attention of all was Overview. As soon as the showing was over, our two JBS officials indicated who they were, and their supply of dozens of copies of the DVD “sold like the proverbial hotcakes.” JBS speakers and literature have subsequently been featured at additional meetings of this group.

2. A high school classmate of John McManus sent him the 10-minute YouTube excerpt of Overview via email and asked if it would be appropriate to send it to other classmates via the “Chat Room” he had created. He didn’t know who the author and narrator was. When told, “Yes, send it but make sure you tell our classmates who wrote and narrated the program,” he was stunned. And he did send it.

3. Numerous JBS members have reported success in having Overview shown in classrooms by teachers who were looking for something to fulfill the federal mandate that they provide instruction about the Constitution to students on or about September 17.

4. Parents have reported that a showing of Overview to their high school and junior high school offspring results in such comments as, “That’s not what they’re teaching us in school.” Happy parents are then better able to combat other erroneous information being offered in classrooms.

5. Speaking of students, our affiliate American Opinion Foundation has shown Overview to enthusiastic audiences at home school conferences and several thousand copies have been placed into parents’ hands.

6. An eager and very impressed American in a Rocky Mountain state purchased 1,000 copies of Overview and announced that he is “just getting started putting a copy into the hands of many more in this area.” Others have purchased hundreds or dozens with the same goal in mind.

7. All across the nation, copies are being made and distributed — many without permission. These are being shared with others that JBS would not likely reach with any of our programs.

8. John McManus reports that, after he has delivered a speech on some other topic, some attendees recognize his delivery style and voice and ask, “Are you the narrator of that great program about the Constitution?” Once acknowledging the connection, he happily accepts a compliment and urges wider use of the DVD.

There are surely numerous other stories about the use and effectiveness of this program. If you have one and wish to share it, we would certainly like to pass it along to others who would want to duplicate your success. In the meantime, we urge all to continue to get other Americans to see Overview. It will help viewers to understand the importance of returning to the wisdom of our nation’s Founders as well as the need both to thwart additional departures from true Americanism and to reverse many dangerous and unconstitutional abuses that have already been created.

As for overcoming any negativity about The John Birch Society, we can only quote one staff member who stated, “Nothing does a better job of presenting JBS in a good light than Overview of America.”

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