Missouri Man Offers Free Land to Gun Makers in Restrictive States

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Missouri Man Offers Free Land to Gun Makers in Restrictive States

A small business owner in West Plains, Missouri, is offering three parcels of land free of charge to gun manufacturers or distributors currently doing business in states with restrictive gun laws.

“Move to Missouri!” That’s the message to gun manufacturers and distributors from Larry Pratt, the president of Gun Owners of America and Michael Evans, host of the America’s Voice Now radio show.

John Negri, a West Plains, Missouri, small business owner who listens to Evans’ show, made a remarkably generous announcement last week on the show that could make that happen.

Specifically, Evans says that Negri is offering exiled elements of the gun industry a free 20-year lease on any of three parcels of land. There is one catch: the offer is available only to gun manufacturers or distributors who have “publicly announced they're leaving because of restrictive firearms regulations.”

The land consists of three parcels: six acres with railroad siding, 38 acres on a major interstate, and a 100-acre segment.

Evans reports that Negri first approached him with the idea last year after learning that several states — notably Connecticut, New York, and Maryland — were passing laws severely restricting the right of citizens of those states to keep and bear arms.

"There are three specific parcels of land and each manufacturer may have a different desire or need," Evans explained to OzarksFirst.com. "So essentially what he's offered is if a manufacturer chooses one of those parcels, they're not all three up for grabs. Then he'll provide a manufacturer who will bring a factory or manufacturing or a distribution plant here and provide for them to have a lease on that property. They would have to put up the building or do whatever it needs to do to be in operation, but they're more than likely going to have to do that wherever they go."

Larry Pratt recognizes the value of such an offer to an industry placed in the cross-hairs of the latest federal assault on freedom. This time, the target is the right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

“It’s important for the firearms industry to know they are supported by the public and states that support our constitutional Second Amendment rights,” Pratt said. “GOA and America’s Voice Now have banded together to support our manufacturers and offer the firearms industry the welcoming arms of a community with skilled labor, low taxes, central locale and a smiling face.”

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