Missouri Senate Votes to Nullify Federal Gun Grab

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Missouri Senate Votes to Nullify Federal Gun Grab

The Missouri state Senate voted to approve a bill that would prohibit enforcement of unconstitutional federal gun control measures within the borders of the Show Me State.

On May 2, the Missouri state Senate passed a bill blocking at the borders of their state any attempt to enforce federal actions to infringe upon the right of citizens to keep and bear arms.

By a vote of 26-6, state senators approved an amended version of a bill passed previously by their colleagues in the state House of Representatives.

Using language from James Madison’s Virginia Resolution of 1798, HB 436 — the Second Amendment Preservation Act — declares that the Missouri General Assembly is “firmly resolved to support and defend the United States Constitution against every aggression, either foreign or domestic."

Section 2 of the bill goes on to affirm that not only is it the right of the state legislature to check federal overreaching, but that “the general assembly is duty bound to watch over and oppose every infraction of those principles which constitute the basis of the Union of the States, because only a faithful observance of those principles can secure the nation's existence and the public happiness.”

Sounding a very sovereign and resolute tone, the bill opens with a brief recitation of the history of the creation of the federal government, a recounting that demonstrates a firm grasp on the proper, constitutional relationship between state and federal governments, as well as the legal basis for nullification:

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