Prayer Breakfast: Obama’s “Humility” Prayer v. Carson’s Humble Appeal

By:  William F. Jasper
Prayer Breakfast: Obama’s “Humility” Prayer v. Carson’s Humble Appeal

Democrats and the mainstream media have attacked Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D., the surgeon whose inspiring speech at the National Prayer Breakfast challenged political correctness and President Obama’s socialist agenda.

“The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Worship"


The more he talked of humility, the faster we counted our liberties. In his short address last Thursday, February 7, at the annual National Prayer Breakfast, President Barack Obama repeatedly stressed the virtue of humility, and especially the need for political leaders to be humble. In his brief remarks, the president used the word “humility” four times and the words “humble,” “humbled,” or “humbling” five times. In the closing paragraph of his speech, President Obama told his audience:

And so this morning, let us summon the common resolve that comes from our faith. Let us pray to God that we may be worthy of the many blessings He has bestowed upon our nation. Let us retain that humility not just during this hour but for every hour. And let me suggest that those of us with the most power and influence need to be the most humble.

“And let me suggest that those of us with the most power and influence need to be the most humble.” Good suggestion, Mr. President, which implies that the occupant of the White House Oval Office must lead the way of humility. That worthy utterance might be more convincing if the speaker were not daily issuing arrogant edicts that usurp powers which the Constitution he recently vowed to protect and uphold do not give to the president.

Is the president acting humbly and in accord with the limited powers of the president under the Constitution when he attempts to bypass Congress and rule by executive order? When he peremptorily, illegally issues “kill lists” of people targeted for assassination — including American citizens? When he attempts to destroy the protections of habeas corpus and institute indefinite detention through the NDAA? When he extends the Bush administration’s abuses and seeks to further destroy protections against illegal search and seizure? When he takes over a whole sector of the auto industry? When he attempts to nationalize the entire health and medical systems? When he launches wars in Libya, Mali, and elsewhere without the congressional declaration of war mandated by the Constitution? When he decrees, by a fraudulent declaration of endangered species protection, that thousands of square miles will be made virtually off limits to human activity? When he issues an executive order allowing the seizure of Americans’ bank accounts?

The list of outrageous arrogance goes on and on.

Click here to read the entire article and listen to Dr. Benjamin Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Photo of Barack Obama: AP Images

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