Does U.S. foreign policy result in Christian slaughter?

By:  Hannah Brems
Does U.S. foreign policy result in Christian slaughter?

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150,000 Christians Murdered for Faith Every Year
What role does U.S. foreign policy contribute?

APPLETON, WIS.  – April 27, 2012 – Conservative estimates indicate that more than 150,000 Christians are killed due to their faith around the globe.  Alex Newman, author of the cover story “Christian Massacres: A Result of U.S. Foreign Policy” in the April 23 issue of The New American, writes “It has been claimed that U.S. foreign policy could not be intentionally designed to do a better job of liquidating Mideast Christians than is happening nowadays – it’s likely true.”

Newman discusses the horrifying massacres of Christians in Middle Eastern countries, such as Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya.

As the article points out, the vast majority of those slaughtered are in Islamic-dominated nations.  In many cases, the United States is either subsidizing these oppressive regimes with billions of dollars in aid each year, or worse, helping to create the conditions that enable the Christian massacres in the first place.

Some analysts have called this growing persecution an ongoing example of genocide.  Dr. John Eibner of Christian Solidarity International said, “Millions of lives and the future of a religiously pluralistic civilization in the Middle East are at stake.”

Yet, why does the United States maintain a foreign policy that has led to such an extensive slaughter of Mideast Christians?  How can wars be fought for freedom and yet have such a terrible outcome?

Contact Hannah Brems to schedule an interview with Newman to discuss the harsh reality of the U.S. being involved in wars in the Middle East and the U.S. foreign policy.

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