Don’t Let Your Law Enforcement Come Under Federal Control

By:  Hannah Brems
Don’t Let Your Law Enforcement Come Under Federal Control

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JBS Says: Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent
Don’t let your law enforcement come under federal control

APPLETON, WIS. – October 19, 2011 – The John Birch Society (JBS) believes that the freedom Americans enjoy is impossible without a system of local police and has promoted this concept for more than 50 years.

JBS will be re-launching one of its oldest and most successful campaigns, “Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent.”

The goal of the SYLP campaign is to keep police forces out of the hands of the federal government by keeping them answerable to local officials and members of the communities they swear to serve and protect.”

“It is important to remember that we as citizens need to continue to maintain a positive relationship with our local police departments,” said JBS CEO Arthur R. Thompson.  “If we allow isolated incidents to turn us, citizens, against our local police our system of liberty will crumble.”

Thompson has recently written an article for The New American, “Support Your Local Police and Keep Them Independent,” which has been published in a special report, “To Protect and Serve.”  In the article Thompson states the following:

“America is great due to our system of liberty and the fact that our government is more localized and closer to the people, including police authority.  In the United States, the power comes from the bottom up, from the people.  Elsewhere it is more from the top down, from the bureaucrats, controlling nearly every aspect of the citizen’s lives, work, industry, and law enforcement.”

JBS National Director of Field Activities James Fitzgerald, a former police officer from New Jersey, explains that today’s police officers are being wrongly informed about many patriotic and family oriented organizations through the pseudo-intelligence touted by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“The SPLC conducts training seminars for law enforcement agencies throughout the country,” said Fitzgerald.  “We’ve talked to some of these officers who have been through the sessions, and when the SPLC describes the ‘enemy,’ these officers told us that they themselves could fit the profile.  The SPLC knowingly smears patriotic individuals that do not fit their radical leftist agenda.”

Thompson and Fitzgerald are both available to discuss the importance of supporting our local police and keeping them independent.

Members and supporters helping with this campaign are instructed to learn more by visiting and clicking on the Support Your Local Police graphic.  There they can review many resources to understand the importance of the campaign.

Founded in 1958 and headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, The John Birch Society is dedicated to restoring and preserving freedom under the U.S. Constitution.  Members come from all walks of life and are active throughout the 50 states on local, regional and national issues.  United by a strong belief in personal freedom and limited government, members work to achieve the mission of the organization: to bring about less government, more responsibility, and — with God’s help — a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and Constitutional principles.  Visit for more information.


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