New book from JBS CEO details agenda behind free trade, issues call to action

By:  Bill Hahn
New book by JBS CEO Arthur R. Thompson that exposes the free trade agenda. New book by JBS CEO Arthur R. Thompson that exposes the free trade agenda.


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New book from JBS CEO details agenda behind free trade, issues call to action
"International Merger by Foreign Entanglements" now available

APPLETON, WIS. — APRIL 1, 2014 — As the Obama administration negotiates free trade agreements, The John Birch Society (JBS) has published a book exposing the agenda behind free trade agreements. "International Merger by Foreign Entanglements" by JBS CEO Arthur R. Thompson details historic events that helped shape the European Union through trade agreements and how the same could happen to the U.S.

Thompson demonstrates how today's free trade agreements are merely vehicles to bring about economic and political integration of blocs of nations. As he points out, the agreements encompass much more than trade revealing that the agreements are more about supranational control.

Founders George Washington and Thomas Jefferson recommended America avoid foreign entanglements. Current free trade agreements are themselves permanent foreign entanglements likely to lead the U.S. into a governance body similar to the European Union. Thompson provides historical parallels to prove this.

Thompson writes the federal government "start[s] out looking as though they will solve domestic economic problems, yet they produce more problems. The solution then offered is more government or, currently, more international agreements."

"This cycle will lead to a loss of freedom for the people unless the people realize that the real solution is to go back to what was enjoyed prior to the trade agreements."

The book is a call to action for concerned Americans who value American made products, American jobs, and American independence. To view a brief excerpt, visit the InsideJBS blog

Mr. Thompson is available for interviews. Digital and print copies for review are also available. He is currently speaking to audiences across the country with his presentation, "What is the Real Price of Free Trade?"

"International Merger by Foreign Entanglements" (154 pages, b&w, 8-page color insert, ISBN 978-1-881919-12-4, $9.95) is published by The John Birch Society and available at

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