The Fate of Unions

By:  Hannah Brems
The Fate of Unions

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 Wisconsin or Ohio: Who made the better choice?
The New American looks at labor unionism in America

APPLETON, WIS. - November 14, 2011 – Ohio followed in the footsteps of Wisconsin by passing a bill restricting the collective bargaining rights for public employees.  However, a recent referendum in Ohio has successfully repealed the law.  While Wisconsin does not have this direct referendum process, Governor Scott Walker is facing a recall because of the new law.  In the meantime, many Wisconsin school districts are enjoying substantial savings.

The debate brought up many issues, especially the reality of labor unions in America.  Brian Farmer, contributor to The New American, writes in his newest article, “Americans are taught that unions’ main purpose is to fight employers for better treatment of employees, but that’s not true.  Unions exist to keep non-union workers from working.”

Farmer’s article, “The Reality of Labor Unionism in America,” describes the history of America’s unions and what has led to today’s debates.  Farmer continues, “There is a crucial distinction between labor unions and all other private organizations: Labor unions use coercion in the attempt to achieve their goals.  No other form of private organization is legally allowed to compel people to become members and force them to pay dues.”

Farmer concludes, “Labor unions … are the legacy of those who allowed themselves to be seduced by that flawed socialist ideology, departed from the American principles of good government, and embedded a malignant form of collectivism into American society.”

Farmer is available for interviews to discuss the labor movements in Wisconsin and Ohio, as well as the overall history of labor unionism.  Please contact Hannah Brems to schedule an interview.

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