The NPV And What It Could Do To Our Nation

By:  Hannah Brems
The NPV And What It Could Do To Our Nation

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NPV: Do you know the destruction it may cause?
The National Popular Vote is breaking down Constitutional Barriers

APPLETON, WIS.  – September 12, 2011 – Eight states have recently passed legislation to effectively eliminate the Electoral College in favor of the National Popular Vote (NPV) for President.

Wolverton states, “Our constitution erects barriers around the states protecting them from usurpations on the part of federal authority and from the tyranny posed to them by coalitions of other states that would rob them of their sovereignty and effectual representation in the federal government."

“A very vital aspect of the republican frame upon which our federal government is built is the so-called Electoral College,” states Wolverton.   “A simple formula: States appoint electors; electors cast votes for President (and Vice President); the candidate receiving the most votes wins (provided it be a majority of the total number of votes cast by the electors).”

“Should the National Popular Vote measure become the de facto law of the land, a candidate could simply spend time, money, and attention on the large cities in order to ensure garnering a plurality of votes on election day.”

With states favoring the NPV our nation is in danger of losing its title as a Republic.  There is one way to prevent this from happening and that is to reject the NPV initiatives when they are presented to you and to encourage state legislators to do likewise.

Please contact Hannah Brems to schedule an interview with Wolverton and discuss the major issues with NPV.

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