The SPLC: Watchdog of Hate?

By:  Hannah Brems
The SPLC: Watchdog of Hate?

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The SPLC: What YOU Need To Know About This Self Appointed Watchdog of “Hate”
The Southern Poverty Law Center is a self-appointed watchdog that monitors “hate groups,” but its definition of hate is used to smear patriotic organizations

APPLETON, WIS.  – September 27, 2011 – As a self-appointed watchdog of hate, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) works hand-in-hand with local and federal law-enforcement.  Yet the organization’s characterization of hate is landing them in hot water.

The SPLC frequently targets people, groups and organizations that have nothing to do with hate.  In William F. Jasper’s upcoming article for The New American, “Protecting Rights: Loyal Americans Targeted by the SPLC,” he explains why the public needs to be cautious of the information that comes from the SPLC and how the SPLC attempts to tarnish organization’s and people without solid evidence.

Jasper states, “Of course, the black Christian ministers now being tarred are just getting the first taste of the smear campaign that the SPLC has been waging against conservative ‘Christian Right’ leaders and prominent Christian organizations for a much longer period.”

Others targeted by the SPLC include: Dr. James Dobson and his Focus on the Family ministry, Beverly LaHaye and her Concerned Women of America, the Family Research Council, among many more.

“The SPLC’s atrocious actions have energized many on the political Right and have alienated even many of their erstwhile allies on the Left.  Over the past several years this has prompted many who had previously given the SPLC a pass — or had even applauded and supported them — to start serious investigations of the organization’s fundraising activities, their incessant, fear-mongering hype, and their radical, left-wing political agenda,” declares Jasper.

Please contact Hannah Brems to set up an interview with Jasper to expose the SPLC.

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