Will the U.S. Get Involved in Iran Going Nuclear?

By:  Hannah Brems
Will the U.S. Get Involved in Iran Going Nuclear?

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Iran Could Go Nuclear: Is This the U.S.’s Problem?
There is new evidence that concludes Iran will have the tools in the future to go nuclear

APPLETON, WIS.  – February 16, 2012 – The U.S., after more than a 30-year battle of words with Iran, is now attempting to restrict Iran’s nuclear weapons.

In the recent article, “Is It Nuts to Let Iran Go Nuclear?,” Charles Scaliger describes what will occur if the U.S. gets involved with Iran going nuclear, especially after the end of the Iraq War.

“A war against Iran would likely cost many thousands of lives (since, in the end, as with Iraq, we would end up having to occupy the country to fully impose our will) and trillions of dollars we cannot afford.  While Iran arguably poses a threat to Israel, that country is more than capable of taking care of itself,” Scaliger states.

Scaliger also points out that even if Iran had nuclear weapons it would most likely use them only as a deterrent.

He concludes, “With the end of the Iraq War and the drawdown in Afghanistan, it is well past time for America to mind her own business and allow the nations of the Middle East –including Iran – to mind theirs.”

Please contact Hannah Brems directly to interview Scaliger to discuss America’s options when getting involved with Iran’s nuclear weapons.

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