Anti-gun Group Challenges the National Rifle Association

By:  Bob Adelmann
Anti-gun Group Challenges the National Rifle Association

The tiny anti-gun group Americans for Responsible Solutions announced its intention to spend in 2014 what the NRA spent in 2012: $19 million.

Just hours after Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS) announced that the anti-gun group's two leaders, Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly, were headed to the Saratoga Springs Arms Fair in New York on Sunday, the media splashed headlines as if it were a major event. ABC News announced, “Giffords to Attend 1st Gun Show Since Shooting," followed by the New York Daily News: “Gabby Giffords to attend first gun show since being shot in the head.” Newsmax proclaimed, “Gabby Giffords to Attend Gun Show.”

Because Giffords is a favorite of the mainstream media owing to her atrocious voting record while a member of the House of Representatives from Arizona's 8th District from 2007 until her shooting in January 2011 (and because of the ARS's anti-Second Amendment stance), the media took special pains to make a big deal out of nothing. The press release issued by Kelly gave the media plenty of ammunition(!):

At the federal level we still have no requirement for background checks at gun shows, but states like New York are fixing the loophole. [New York’s] model helps keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them — like criminals and the dangerously mentally ill — without infringing on our Second Amendment rights.

This is a chance for Gabby and I [sic] to visit New York’s largest arms fair and highlight this background checks system which we believe can serve as a template for gun shows around the country.

ABC News made sure that the message was delivered. Giffords and Kelly are attending the show along with New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to celebrate the “voluntary agreement” Schneiderman wrung out of hapless gun show owners in New York and imposed upon citizens attending gun shows in the state, calling them “stringent new rules to track sales” of guns. Newsmax expanded on just how the Second Amendment is supposedly being protected and defended in New York:

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