Everyday Americans Demonized After Las Vegas Murders

By:  Alex Newman
Everyday Americans Demonized After Las Vegas Murders

As if on cue and reading from the same script, senior Obama administration officials and the increasingly discredited establishment press rushed to paint a deeply deceptive caricature of the alleged Las Vegas cop-killers.

By selectively picking what to report in an outlandishly biased manner, a deranged couple described by neighbors as methamphetamine-abusing white supremacists became — at least in the mischaracterized “mainstream” media — everyday Americans suspicious about government run-amok. According to polls, over two thirds of U.S. voters say the federal government is “out of control” and a threat to basic liberties.

Like with tragedies of all varieties, the establishment almost reflexively began searching obsessively for unalienable rights to attack: gun rights, free speech, freedom of association, and more. Also, as has become typical, the media promptly began trying to distort and pigeonhole the supposed “ideology” of the murderers in an effort to demonize ideological foes, as if the “ideology” of lone lunatics was important. The victims, meanwhile — two police officers and an armed Good Samaritan at Walmart — have been largely ignored except as props to advance the dangerous agenda being pushed by the press and the Obama administration.

The first two victims, both police officers in Las Vegas, were 41-year-old Alyn Beck and 31-year-old Igor Soldo. They were executed at point-blank range at a pizza restaurant. Beck, a senior patrol officer who joined the department in 2001, was survived by a wife and three children. He was described by friends as tender, gentle, funny, fearless, a good cop, and an intellectual. The other officer, Soldo, leaves behind a wife and a baby. He joined the department in 2006 and was described by family as a loving father and a “great guy.” Fellow law enforcement officials and the community mourned their loss.

The other victim, who was carrying a concealed firearm and tried to stop the male suspect in Walmart, was identified by authorities as 31-year-old Joseph Wilcox of Las Vegas. Based on police accounts, it appears that Wilcox did not realize the couple was working together. He was shot dead by the female suspect after confronting her husband. “Joseph died trying to protect others,” Sheriff Doug Gillespie said of the Good Samaritan. A police official quoted in local media reports also praised Wilcox. “To me, he was a hero,” the officer said. “He was trying to stop an active shooter.” Unsurprisingly, as The New American reported, Wilcox was virtually ignored by the press — almost certainly because his heroism does not fit with the agenda

In most of the press, the focus was not on the hero or the innocent victims, but on the supposed “ideology” of the deranged murderers — identified by police as Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller. Special vitriol was reserved for critics of the Obama administration. The Tea Party, for example, was demonized due to its occasional use of the U.S. War for Independence-era Gadsden flag reportedly used to cover up the bodies of the murdered police officers. A National Socialist (Nazi) swastika was also left at the crime scene. Law enforcement is still investigating what it all might mean, if anything.

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Photo: AP Images

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