Gun Control Group Calls for Strict Control of Arms, Ammo in UN Treaty

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Gun Control Group Calls for Strict Control of Arms, Ammo in UN Treaty

Control Arms, a consortium of human rights organizations, calls for a stricter regulation of arms and ammunition in the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

NEW YORK — On the opening day of the Arms Trade Treaty conference currently underway at the United Nations, Control Arms — a consortium of human rights groups committed to eradicating the international arms trade — distributed a checklist of “nine essential items for a bulletproof treaty.”

As the delegates from over 100 nations work to hammer out an agreement giving the United Nations control over the worldwide sale, trade, and transfer of weapons, there are many (especially in the United States) who rightly perceive in the terms of the Arms Trade Treaty a threat to the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the individual’s right to keep and bear arms.

Even a quick review of Control Arms’ nine points confirms those fears.

For example, the first item on the list calls for UN regulation of “all conventional arms,” including “munitions, and parts and components [sic].”

The U.S. delegation is without constitutional authority to sit and negotiate a treaty that would grant an unelected, unaccountable, unanswerable body of globalist bureaucrats the authority to legislate this country’s use, sale, or manufacture of any firearm or ammunition. Admittedly, the government of the United States has for decades employed those devices in the execution of various unconstitutional interventionist combat operations, but that is a matter for the American people to address, not a coterie of internationalists with their eyes on establishment of a global government.

The second point of Control Arms is that “all types of arms trade” should be eradicated, not just “export or ‘trade.’”

All types of arms trade would include the private sale of guns, magazines, parts, and ammunition — both at home and abroad. It would ostensibly impose UN sanctions on any government that does not enforce these restrictions on their citizens. 

If Control Arms (along with the majority of countries represented at the ATT conference) has their way, gun shows would be outlawed, as well as the right of individuals to buy or sell guns to other individuals.

When asked by this reporter what effect this would have on non-federalized state militias within the United States, a Control Arms representative said that the Obama administration would be responsible for overseeing the clamp-down on these potential “violators.”

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