On Newtown Anniversary, Pres. Obama Renews Call for Stricter Gun Control

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
On Newtown Anniversary, Pres. Obama Renews Call for Stricter Gun Control

On the anniversary of the Newtown school shooting, President Obama is making a push for stricter gun control regulation.

Once again, President Barack Obama exhibits his shameless habit of taking advantage of tragedy for political gain.

As reported by the Washington Post:

President Obama on Saturday marked the first anniversary of the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shootings with calls for stricter gun control and more support for mental health, as well as by lighting candles for each of the victims.

"We haven’t yet done enough to make our communities and our country safer," Obama said in his weekly address. "We have to do more to keep dangerous people from getting their hands on a gun so easily. We have to do more to heal troubled minds.”

This is the same man who trotted out school children who were present on that horrific day in Newtown to use as human props, standing silently on stage as he signed executive orders unconstitutionally curtailing the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

The horror of the Sandy Hook Elementary School murders sent parents to their knees and legislators to their computers. While mourning parents and concerned Americans sought understanding and comfort, President Obama sought to take advantage of a tragedy for political ends. As usual.

In light of the one-year anniversary of the Newtown murders and the school shooting in Colorado that nearly coincided with it, renewed attempts by the Obama administration and his congressional water carriers are being reported by the Washington Post:

Obama has repeatedly urged lawmakers to pass stricter gun laws, but Congress missed its last opportunity to do so in April, when legislation to strengthen background checks and ban military-style assault rifles and high-capacity magazines failed in the Senate.

The only other effort at federal gun legislation under the current Congress came in the form of a renewed ban on manufacturing plastic firearms that are not detectable by security-screening devices. The House and Senate approved that measure this month.

On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden announced that the Obama administration would dedicate $100 million toward mental health services, with the funding evenly divided between rural mental-health centers and helping community centers hire providers and boost services.

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