Volunteer JBS Chapter Leaders play a key role in our local grassroots efforts. If you live near one of them who has offered to be contacted through our website, get in touch with them below.  (Volunteers send in your names here.)

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Check in with The John Birch Society on Facebook. It is a new world out there in cyberspace 2.0, but ultimately you need to be familar with the phonebook of the 21st century that can do eveything from getting the word out on political candidates to fighting crime.

Check out videos produced by The John Birch Society. Also explore our favorite videos that we recommend on the YouTube network. Help broadcast our message of promoting Family and Freedom.

Freedom Campaign MeetupsJoin a state-wide Freedom Campaign Meetup group newly organized by  Work with others to re-empower state legislatures under our federal system. Already direct a Meetup, Facebook or Yahoo group?  Join our JBS Meetup Alliance.

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